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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe Reader and why do I need it? 
Adobe Acrobat® Reader ™ is free software used for viewing and printing of electronic forms. You will need this software installed in order for your computer to download, display or print your statement.  To download Adobe, please click this link:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/

What is the myEasyMatch Code? 
The myEasyMatch Code is needed when you log into Online Bill Pay for the first time.

Where is the myEasyMatch Code located? 
The myEasyMatch code is located on the middle of the statement just below the perforated line. 

Where do I find the verification number on my credit card?
The card verification number is the three-digit number on the back of the Visa/MasterCard/Discover card.

When will my payment be posted to my account?
Your payment will be processed and posted to your account within 3-5 business days. 

When I make a payment will my statement show that payment immediately?
No.  You will not see that payment until the next statement.

Will I receive confirmation of my payment? 
A receipt confirming your payment will be e-mailed to you.

Is there a charge to me for making a payment online?
No, there is no charge to our patients for making a payment online.   

Is my payment information retained? 
No, for security reasons your payment information is not retained.

Is my personal information secure once I make an online payment? 
All of your personal information is protected and is secured.

Why am I not able to view my Kennedy Center for the Hip & Knee and/or my Calumet Medical Center/Calumet Medical Center Clinic statement? 
This new website is being implemented in phases.  At this time, Calumet Medical Center, Calumet Medical Center Clinic, and the Kennedy Center for the Hip & Knee are not included but may be added in a future phase.

What are eStatements? 
eStatements are an electronic version of your mailed statement. The electronic statement is identical to the paper statement and can be viewed, printed or saved right from your computer. 

Will I still receive a paper statement? 
No. By signing up for eStatements, you will no longer receive a paper statement. If you need to receive a paper statement, you can opt out of eStatements by selecting the paper statement option under the profile tab. 

When will I receive my eStatement? 
Paper statements can take days using mail delivery. With eStatements you can bypass this and receive your statements much earlier. 

How will I know when my eStatement is ready for viewing? 
You will receive an email notification letting you know that your statement is ready for viewing. You can access your statement from any computer by logging into your MyAffinity account. 

Can I have my eStatement notification sent to two different locations? 
Your eStatement notification can only be sent to one location, but you can access your account from any computer. 

How long will my statement remain online? 
Over time you will be able to view 14 months of your statement history.

How do I view my monthly statements? 
Once you have logged into your account, simply select the statement icon and you will be able to view your statement. 

Is there a charge for eStatements? 
No, eStatements are completely FREE! 

Can I print my eStatement? 
eStatements can be printed just as any document on your computer. 

Who should I contact if I don't receive my email notification? 
Confirm your email address and delivery preference on the profile tab.  If all information is correct please reference the Contact Us numbers on the left side of this page.